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Smart choices requires insights in effects

SimSmartMobility provides insights in effects

Smart mobility is the future. Ranging from smart traffic lights, Smart City Driving and selfdriving vehicles to mobility as a service. Smart mobility offers great opportunities to make traffic safer and cleaner and to improve traffic flow. That is why the Netherlands is pioneering. We are gaining new knowledge on Smart Mobility. But what are the effects of innovative mobility solutions? What really works and why?

The SimSmartMobility platform aims to provide answers to those questions. Simulations enable us  to estimate the effects of Smart Mobility services, prior to real life testing. And that helps policy makers, executives and professionals to make informed policy choices and investment decisions.

SimSmartMobility shows the impact of smart mobility services and products on traffic flow, accessibility, safety and the environment. The platform - a kind of Simcity for Smart Mobility - builds on simulation models based on scientific research into driving and travel behavior.

“Simulations enable us to estimate the effects of Smart Mobility applications. And this helps policymakers, administrators and professionals to make informed decisions regarding policy and investment”

Marja van Strien
Managing director Connecting Mobility

Unique simulation platform

SimSmartMobility allows the user to experiment with all possible forms of smart mobility. From smart traffic lights, via in-car speed advice, to selfdriving cars. The development of the simulation platform is iterative, adding more functionality each time. Ultimately, the platform provides the user with the ability to compile a smart application package and to fully and integrally calculate and present its effects.

“SimSmartMobility allows us to explore numerous different scenarios associated with the application of measures and services. It makes concrete effects on traffic tangible, which in turn offers insights into well-informed alternative approaches for day-to-day applications”

Leo Kusters
Managing director Environment at TNO

Basis for informedchoices

In the Netherlands, governments, companies and research institutes are working on testing, developing and implementing smart mobility applications. In order to be able to invest smartly, greater insight into the effects of smart mobility is crucial. SimSmartMobility provides a basis acting upon these insights, fFor example, for governments who do not have a complete picture of what smart mobility can mean for their region. Can smart mobility applications do or do not serve as a full alternative for the construction of new infrastructure? And what is the impact of innovative services on the use of new infrastructure? SimSmartMobility helps to make informed choices by providing insight in the possible effects of smart mobility.

Provides insight into the effects of traffic flow, accessibility, safety, environmental effects

Provides government and companies with opportunities to act upon these insights

Helps to make choices and set priorities based on expected effects

Accelerates the realization and development of innovative Smart Mobility services

Puts the Netherlands on the map as the testlab for smart mobility: Smart Mobility Delta

“There is still so much to discover when it comes to the effects of Smart Mobility. The expertise we gain is now being put to work in the simulation platform: a unique tool for road authorities and the industry. SimSmartMobility represents a fantastic leap forward, and is the only platform of its kind anywhere in the world”

Hans van Lint
TU Delft

Collaborate on innovation

Simulation enables all interested parties to learn faster and more about the effects of Smart Mobility services and solutions. TNO and TU Delft have a lot of expertise in the field of traffic flow simulation. Together with Connecting Mobility, they put their effort in  the development of SimSmartMobility that functions as an open platform. This development is gaining shape in cooperation with companies, research institutes and governments, both national and international. More and more parties join and contribute to the development of knowledge and insight.

The first SimSmartMobility demonstrations are given in the Innovation Lab, part of the Helmond Traffic Innovation Center; a nursery room for Smart Mobility. Where governments, companies and research institutes jointly learn, experiment, innovate and inspire each other.

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